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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cloth Diapers and Education Funds?

I said to my son this evening: Using cloth diapers was the start of your education fund.

He scoffed, but then asked, "How long are kids in diapers?" I gave him the bad news, especially for boys, and multiplied by the two children in our family.
Four total diaper years X the $700/year that plastic diapers cost.

$2800 total or $1400 per child.

Not a bad beginning.

Unlike many writers on frugality, who recommend saving on the big stuff, I think savings accrue from a zillion little decisions.

Do you agree? If so, what were your most effective little decisions?


Shelley said...

Don't know if it counts as 'little', but it only took me about 5 minutes to decide: 15 year mortgage instead of 30. The bank guy told me I'd be saving $44,000. Best use of 5 minutes I ever made.

metscan said...

Oh, I was so hoping, that someone would take this subject up! My craziest way of saving is at the hairdressers. I have a color wash done monthly and the month´s growth cut off. So I wash my hair at home, take along my own shampoo and only have the color and the cut done by the hairdresser. I don´t use conditioner, and I leave the place with wet hair and do the blow drying at home. The salon is near to where I live and I get my car parked right next to the door. I save 2/3 of the sum, of what this treat would cost downtown.

see you there! said...

Like you, I think it is pennies added up that counts. My frugal tip is start a "emergency saving account" when you start your first job. Do an automatic payroll deduction even if it is as small as $10 a paycheck. Up it when you get a raise. You never have the money in hand and it just keeps adding up in the account. I used a Credit Union share account which meant if I wanted the money I had to call and have them mail me a check. Makes you think twice when it isn't easy to get to with an ATM card.


Frugal Scholar said...

@Shelley--That's big and little! I paid off my mortgage early--love it!

@metscan--Very impressive. I don't think salons in the US would let you do that. I love little frugalities...

@seeyou--What's great about your idea is that ANYONE can do it, no matter how little you have to start with. Very inspiring.

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff said...

We concentrate mostly on the big stuff and some of the little stuff falls into place. For example, I won't make my own laundry detergent, but I do only use half the scoop. We also love our programmable thermostat but don't feel guilty about wanting it cold at night.

The little stuff that adds up for us is fast food...when we cut back on that, our food budget dropped by at least $150 a month.

Frugal Scholar said...

@BFS--Once I learned that you need little to no detergent, it became such a negligible expense that I don't even think about it. Food costs can differ so dramatically--congrats on minimizing the fast food.