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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Swap Your Closet and Other Frugal Tips

Like many others, we are cleaning up and cleaning out. Back-to-school time seems to inspire the task, especially for us, all in school in one way or another.

Yesterday, Mr. FS and I accompanied Lucy Marmalade to her yearly appointment with Dr. Guarisco, dubbed "my ear's father," since he performed two lengthy and complicated operations on a dangerous condition.

FRUGAL TIP #1: If you have to drive an hour to the big city for an appointment, at least try to do something else while you are there. We decided to have some family time.

FRUGAL TIP #2: After the appointment, we headed on over to Buffalo Exchange with 4 bags of stuff. We got a choice of $150 in cash or $250 in credit. Instead of taking the cash as we usually do, we took the credit to fund future shopping trips for Lucy. This is in line with our vow to buy mostly second-hand this year. Instead of shopping our closet, we are swapping our closet! Cool!

FRUGAL TIP#3: We then headed over to the New Orleans Art Museum, which has free admission for residents on Wednesdays. There are so many free and low-cost things to do in every community. Seek them out.


metscan said...

I like your tip 1 and 3. We too have felt longer drives as quality time amongst the family. And if you have a possibility to get something else done while at it, all the better. I would have chosen the money from Buffalo Exchange, for the simple reason, that I´m into minimizing the clothes I have. But then, I understand that young people like to do the thrifting. Tip 3 is something I hardly ever have taken advantage of.Sigh.

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff said...

That sounded like a fun day to me! I would have taken the credit too since it was sooooo much more than the cash. All-in-all, fabulous!

Funny about Money said...

Wow! Nice job at Buffalo Exchange.

Alas, I've never managed to get B.E. to take any of my used clothing. It's either out of style (I hang onto my clothes in hopes that maybe someday they'll come back into style), worn out (I wear them until they fall apart), the wrong season (why would I clean out all my fall and winter clothes at the end of summer??), or the sales clerk doesn't like the way I comb my hair.

Next weekend a friend and I are going to yard-sale our closet rejects. At this time of year, just before school starts, we figure to sell most of them, since the neighborhood is surrounded by two low-income districts made even lower-inc by the recession. I figure at yard-sale giveaway prices, there's about $30 worth, ready to go out the door.

SDXB and I used to do Bum's Night (free Wednesday evening admission) at the Art Museum all the time!

Frugal Scholar said...

@metscan--The Finnish aesthetic is everywhere you look--maybe you don't need to go to a museum! We had a wonderful day.

@BFS--They really want you to take the credit--hence the spread.

'@Funny--We are way out of the demographic for BE. The only thing I've gotten there is shoes--Mephistos for $22! I wish they would have more things for me. Have fun at your yard sale.