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Monday, August 9, 2010

One Degree of Separation: WSJ and Fabric Flowers

Probably no one would be interested in this but me. Scooting through the Wall Street Journal, I saw an article on a business that made fabric flowers. I thought, "I remember a family two blocks away, where the Dad ran a company that made fabric flowers." He was silent and full of anger. This was explained to us: "He was in a concentration camp. He has numbers tattooed on his arm." I never saw them, because I never got that close.

Anyway, the company is now owned by his two children, both a little younger than I am.

Perhaps this should remind us to honor these old businesses that make things the old way.

RIP Harold Brand.


metscan said...

I´ll comment and say that I respect this family business. They do what they have learned and keep the family business up. It is really so sad, that nearly everything gets made " overseas". When I look ( mark look ) at clothes, I usually check where they are made. One label can have some of it´s clothes made in Italy, some in Turkey. The ones made in Turkey are well made, as are the ones in Italy. So why do I buy ( if I buy ),the piece of clothing made in Italy ?

Frugal Scholar said...

@metscan--Interesting. I guess because Italy still has a cachet? Also, the Italian workers are paid far more than the Turkish workers. I don't think the comapnies that have things made in China and elsewhere pass their savings along to the consumers.

Anonymous said...
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