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Friday, March 4, 2011

Big Lots Coupon! Parades! Smiley Faces!

It's hard to post when you have more than 200 THINGS to grade, check in, or read. It's hard to write comments to nice blog readers when you have zillions of comments to write to students. Luckily, I found my "Great Work" Smiley Face stamp that went missing. It is a great hit with students. Do you think it's weird that a college teacher resorts to such rewards for students? At my previous places of employ, such rewards would have been seen as diminishing the gravitas fitting to my profession. Whatever.

Anyway, I am mired in all the stuff mentioned above. I am also off for 11 days because of the convergence of my schedule and the Mardi Gras break. Lots of time to do work and to hit at least one New Orleans parade: my favorite, Proteus. Look at the beautiful floats.

Even though you can't come to a parade with me, we can meet in a virtual way at Big Lots, which has a 20% off coupon for Sunday. Here's a coupon for you.


Justin said...

I really want to go to the parade, but my wife is afraid of all the traffic. If we do go, however, we will get to stay with my uncle who lives off of St. Charles. Which means, we wouldn't have to travel far to see anything. What to do.

SewingLibrarian said...

Seriously, you have a "Great Work" stamp? Too funny! My kids get stickers on their worksheets that say "good job," but they are in elementary school. Campus cultures are so different from place to place, aren't they? At my alma mater no professor was called "Dr." It was understood that everyone had a doctorate so all were called "Mr" or "Miss" or Mrs." At the place I worked for many years, everyone who qualified was called "Dr." At the community college where I work now, here in California, first names seem to be in vogue!

Revanche said...

I'm quite sad we don't seem to have a Big Lots up here. My thoughts will be with you on your visit!

As for the stamp, I dunno. We all like validation. :)

Duchesse said...

Have a marvelous time! I think nearly any student would appreciate the goodwill and humour in your stamp, as well as your appreciation. Gravitas is highly overrated.

Frugal Scholar said...

@J-Have fun!

@Sewing--I bought an address stamp and needed to buy another to reach the minimum order--I use the smiley face more than the other.i interviewed at a Quaker school. the student who was showing me around (and I originally thought he was a security guard b/c of his clother) said, "I'm taking you to see Dick." Dick was the president!

@Revanche--Big Lots isn't that good--mostly junk. You have better shopping in SF.

@Duchesse--I'm one of the few teachers not dressed as a witch, flight attendant, or similar on Halloween. So I have a little bit left.