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Sunday, March 27, 2011

We're going to Nantes for a French Vacation

Sooooo, our tickets have been bought. Poor Mr FS (or, should I say, pauvre M FS?) has been toiling away communicating with our hosts and dealing with transportation and hotel issues. When we met, I found his knowledge of French swoon-worthy. As it turns out, that knowledge has a pragmatic element as well.

To wit:


Nous sommes très contents de faire bientôt votre connaissance.
Pour nous, il n’y a aucun problème quel que soit le moment où vous arriverez, voyez ce qui est le mieux pour vous. Vous nous direz quand vous aurez décidé.

Je vous donne tout de suite notre numéro de téléphone, ainsi vous pourrez nous appeler de Paris s’il y a un retard ou changement.

Now I can read that, but it would take me ages to produce the email that elicited that response.

As for the French vacation. I picked up (at Goodwill, natch) one of those "inner French girl" books, a veritable genre. There was a section on French vacations. The American vacation is short and very intense. The quintessential American vacation would be a few days at Disney, with all the trimmings. Very expensive too.

The French vacation is five to six weeks. It can't be intense or super-expensive, at least not for most people. The quintessential French vacation takes place at some family house in the middle of nowhere. Daily activities consist of walks, lounging about, reading, cooking, and so on. So said my book (which unfortunately I misplaced). My French friend confirms the accuracy of the picture.

Although Mr. FS and I are teachers and have long breaks akin to those available to everyone in France, we have tended to be pretty intense. This will be our first conscious effort at a European-style vacation.

Ah ha! This is the book. Not a great purchase, but an OK library acquisition.

Have you ever had a French-style vacation?


Marcela said...

Yes, I have, that's the kind of vacation I love (but then again, I am an assumed francophile ;) If you are staying in Paris for a while, I can recommend a moderately prized hotel near Arc de Triomphe, and as studio that we rented via Airbnb. Just let me know!

Funny about Money said...

w00t! This is gonna be wonderful! I'm so happy for you.

My vacations have always been like that, only at home, since I live in a resort area and need not travel anywhere. I've never been able to figure out what's appealing about the "intense" vacation, unless its purpose is to make you count your blessings when you get back home.

Duchesse said...

Our vacations are always like that, we like to rent an apt. in a relatively nontourist neighbourhood and pretend we live there. Occasionally hotels, but always slowed right down. What's the point in returning home more exhausted than when you left?

Shelley said...

If a family house must be involved, then this is what we do when we visit Bill's sister in Sydney and Avoca (where they have their beach house). If we can dispense with the family house, I think you've described what we did on our last trip to Greece. I hate intense holidays, but when we visit the US, that's always what they are there are so many people to try to fit in and see.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I too have that book...
you will have a wonderful holiday living French and such a long time to be there soaking in all the sights and sounds...and the food!
Enjoy and please share your adventures when you return!

I am the working poor. said...

Have a wonderful holiday and come back and describe it for those of us who have no vacations. :)

Pearl said...

Yes. Despite being an academic. I do my scholarship in France, in Paris mostly--yes, I know!--and the positive upsiade is that I find myself unable to maintain the American focused mindset and tend to cafe, musee, a veritable flaneuse. Enjoy!

Frugal Scholar said...

@Marcela--Gracias! I would love to get a hotel/rental recommendation from you. Rental probably for another time since we will only be in Paris for a few days. My daughter will be in Italy, Spain, and Greece this summer, so we may have some questions for you.

@Funny--Mr FS schedules many wonderful museum visits--and we all trot after him. One day I will visit your beautiful state.

@Duchesse--We are culture vultures, so want to see as much as possible. We also walk about 15 miles/day in Europe.

@Shelley-I loved reading about your trip to Greece. Someday...

Frugal Scholar said...

@hostess--Hopefully, I will share them as they happen.

@Iam--Hoping you get a vacation soon too. Thanks.

@pearl--Wonderful! Thanks for topping by.