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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Living like the Wealthy and Influential

I love to read a column in the New York Times that details the weekend activities of the wealthy and influential. To wit: Paul LeClerc, head of the New York Public Library. Yes, Mr LeClerc and his spouse (head of a foundation) have the sheen of wealth, influence, and culture, and no doubt live in an unattainable apartment in New York City; nevertheless, we can emulate their weekend activities.

Yes: he cooks from Marcella Hazan (ME TOO); he bakes (Mr. FS does that); he watches Netflix movies (WE DO THAT TOO); he moseys around a bookstore (DITTO); he reads (WEll, YEAH). Other luminaries I've read about take walks. You won't see me and Mr FS dressed up in formal wear at various functions attracting the powerful, but still . .

Yesterday, Mr. FS and I endured our 12-hour at work day. Sadly, we were away from Miss Em, who is home on break. She emailed us with an account of her day: going to a downtown coffee shop, where she got started on a paper. Then she did something M. LeClerc et femme (he has a doctorate in French lit!) probably don't do: headed to our wonderful Goodwill where she scored a blouse by Elie Tahari.

If you want to live like the influential Mr. LeClerc, you can get a Marcella Hazan book too. He recommends the pasta with cauliflower.


FB @ said...

Thanks for the reminder! THRIFT STORE SHOPPING. I've been looking for a certain blouse with a big bow in front but haven't been willing to pay retail.

Duchesse said...

Yes, I'm betting Goodwill was not on the list. However, I would not be surprised to hear that 12-hour work days such as you and Mrs FS put in might be another aspect you share. It's a generalization, but one usually does not reach jobs of great responsibility and profile in NYC without putting in long hours. (However, he is said to be retiring this summer.)

Shelley said...

I've also noticed that exercise appears to be part of the lifestyle of the rich - at expensive and trendy gyms no doubt, but still a good example to pick up.

Frugal Scholar said...

@FB--Good shopping karma to you!

@Duchesse--One thing Mr L (and spouse) must have that I am weak on is ORGANIZATION. He was a college prez too.

@Shelley--I need to do more of that for sure!