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Friday, April 22, 2011

A Favorite San Antonio Spot: Goodbytes Cafe

We love going to san Antonio, but internet sccess is sometimes a pain when you're on the road. Imagine how thrilled we were, while strolling to the famous Mexican market, where we planned to buy a pastry at Mi Tierra, when we came upon the GOODBYTES CAFE.

This is an internet cafe (with free access!) attached to a Goodwill store. Can we say bliss? I usually find a book or two there.

I love San Antonio. It is a very inexpensive city to visit. The good people of the city worked to keep the Alamo free from Disney-ish embellishments. The Riverwalk is beautiful.

This time, I am determined to find a tortilla factory, so I can bring home REAL tortillas. You may hear from me, via the Goodbytes Cafe!


Duchesse said...

Enjoy every byte. And I wonder if your fabulous thrift karma travels with you!

Funny about Money said...

My friend La Maya just came back from a conference there. She loved it, too!

In conjunction with your decorating project, look for a place called Santiago Mexican Imports. She found the coolest Talavera ceramic switchplates there. If you like Mexican accents, this could be an interesting vendor.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse--It was closed! As was a restaurant we loved! But we still had a great time.

@Funny--Argh. Didn't get this till I got back...I guess I have to go again.