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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Free Cultural Events

I am always amazed by how many free cultural events we have in my little town of 8500. Next week is amazing! I am sharing in hopes that you seek and find similar events wherever you live.

Tuesday: Julius Caesar. Free dress rehearsal. At my school.
Wednesday: Bonerama plays at the Trailhead downtown.
Thursday: Nothing, thank heavens.
Friday: Sunset at the Landing Concert.
Saturday: Louisiana Philharmonic concert followed by Spring for Art, a downtown art walk, with music, food, and art.
Sunday: concert at local church, featuring Michael Gurt, an amazing pianist. The concert is followed by a food and wine reception.

Except for the Tuesday event, all events are within a short walk of my house, another bonus.

Any exciting cultural events in your town?


Duchesse said...

We have many of the same: university plays, church recitals, music at government-free movies at community centers. I am always amazed to see busloads of tourists at $150+ plays like Billy Elliott, when productions at least as good are $25 at the University of Toronto's Hart House theatre.

Duchesse said...

Sorry, cut off part of the sentence: "music at government-sponsored cultural sites"...

Funny about Money said...

We also have rafts of low-cost or free events, many of which are excellent. There's a "Downtown Chamber Music" group that moves from venue to venue, often playing in galleries and sometimes in the Phoenix Art Museum. The Phoenix Chorale does two series, one classical and one jazz-inspired -- they are very good and practically every performance sells out. Best place to find out about these kinds of performance is at your local NPR station's website.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse--I'm sure you have tons more wonderful events in your big city--and in Montreal. You raise an interesting point about relative value too.

@Funny--Phoenix sounds wonderful. Is it possible to live in an area where one can walk to cultural events?

E.C. said...

Let's see, Thursday I went to concert of songs based on the Odyssey. Last night, I went to an event for Holi, the Indian festival celebrating colors, with food and dancing and games. I'm sure there were plenty of equally neat options tonight if I had felt like going out. I love living in a college town.

Frugal Scholar said...

@EC--Take advantage!