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Monday, April 18, 2011

Museum Memberships: Reciprocal Memberships, a Frugal Bonus

Back when I was an art-loving high school student, I joined the Museum of Modern Art. Later. I belonged to the Art Institute of Chicago. One good thing about joining museums--if you live close by--is that you tend to use the membership a lot. At least I did.

I haven't joined anything--except a Children's Museum--for a long time. Then--BINGO!--my one and only Groupon purchase was a membership to the Ogden Museum in New Orleans. The main draw was Ogden After Hours, which features performances on Thursday nights. I am embarrassed to say that we haven't made use of the membership yet. BUT WE WILL.

However, we will be going to San Antonio soon to attend a conference. We love San Antonio! I was exploring the museum situation. We will be there on a Thursday night, which is free night at the wonderful McNay Museum, which is in a beautiful house (now much augmented) in a beautiful setting.

Then--and I don't know how I thought of doing this--I checked the Ogden, to see if there were reciprocal memberships. BINGO once more! The Museum of Texan Cultures.

We've been to San Antonio numerous times and love it. If you are ever there, and are feeling poor, know that it has wonderful fast food, which will set you back about $5.00.

So, check your museum memberships. Often, you can get free admission to other museums. Frugal culture!

Do you belong to any museums?


Duchesse said...

I belong to museums and donate as well. Your membership supports the museum, whether you use it a lot or not- so it's never a waste of money.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse--True--museums are worthy of our support!

Shelley said...

I love SanAntonio! It was one of the first river walk regeneration areas I'd experienced and I thought it was magic. Oklahoma City has done a similar thing with their warehouse area near the river/now canal. Britain just seems to have woken up to the value of river front property since I've been here...

Suzy said...

I haven't joined any museums in a long time - 1) I hate the parking 2)I don't like going by myself - though it puzzles my why this is so since when I DO have someone with me I wish they'd leave me alone so I can look at what I want to look at and not be bothered!3) there's no one to discuss stuff with which I guess answers #2 and 4) they're expensive and crowded - The Houston Museum of Natural Science still charges for the 'extra' stuff like IMAX though it does discount them some.

some reasons I HAVE considered joining are 1) get myself out of the house 2) support something worthwhile 3) expand my horizons (museum of natural science and fine arts museums)