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Friday, April 29, 2011

Shopping List for Funny!

Thanks heavens for Funny About Money. First of all, I love her writing. Second of all, her dilemma at Safeway gives me an easy and (to me) enjoyable project to take my mind off all the suffering experienced by those in and around my daughter's college town of Tuscaloosa, AL.

I think Funny lives in Phoenix, so I moseyed over to the Safeway website to check their ads. The key to saving on food is to eat around the ads. Step 2 involves buying extra of canned/pantry/freezer items when they are on sale. As I keep repeating, I don't even use coupons. It takes a few minutes to look at the ads. My one frugal colleague and I do this at school on Wednesdays when the ads come out! Everyone laughs at us, but it will be a sad day when he retires and I lose my one frugal colleague.

Whoa! Prices at Safeway are kinda high!

Still, Funny found the chicken at 99 cents/lb. I would have bought the breasts, since they have more meat.

--Milk (I think Funny may have an allergy?) is half the price that I pay!
--Red seedless grapes are 99 cents a pound. That's good.
--baby carrots are the same. Good too. These last a long time, as do grapes.
--kiwis are 3/$1. Nice treat.
--squash is 99 cents/lb.
--oranges ditto.

How about a stir-fry with chicken, squash, and carrots? Or a creamy pasta with the same?

Sometimes I think I'd like to be a professional grocery shopper.


Suzy said...

We have Randall's here in Houston and I think they're Safeway because they sell that brand. They ARE high but have some great sales. I plan to go by before the current ad ends Tues and get some baby carrots..they have something else too but I'll have to browse the ad - also want some 2 liter dr peppers they have a coupon for.

Duchesse said...

Remember the wonderful cookbook writer, James Barber? It was from his "Urban Peasant" that I learned to use a *small amount* of a luxury ingredient (prosciutto, for example) in a dish to create a sense of 'specialness' that lifts your bargains or cheaper cuts.

So I might add a few strips of Berkshire pork belly to that chicken pasta, or a sprinkling of the first spring morels to the stir fry. (Now, if I could find them growing wild...!)

Frugal Scholar said...

@Suzy--Don't forget the grapes!

@Duchesse--That is so true. Not that we can get any of those things here. You are lucky to live in such a cosmopolitan city.

Suzy said...

I may cave on the grapes - another store has them cheaper but it's farther away and nothing else I want there!
hmm - grapes do sound pretty good - and they're great frozen and in a chunky salad...
I'll probably stop off there after work in the morning on the way home - they have a god deal on 2 liters and just hope they have caffeine free diet dr pepper in stock!
I also hope they include the lucerne greek yogurt in the 5/$2 deal but I seriously doubt it - greek yogurt is outrageous but I like the extra protein..still refuse to pay more than $1 per container and even that has me balking but I dont eat it often enough to make it worth making my own I don't think.

Funny about Money said...

LOL! I'd hire you in a minute! Thanks for the shopping list. :-)

I'm not exactly allergic to milk, but it doesn't agree with me. Cheese, however, is one of my dietary mainstays.

The 99-cent chicken was indeed no bargain -- rather little meat on those scrawny legs and thighs. I did add the bones to a carcass retrieved from the freezer to make a large pot of chicken broth, though.

Grapes are good. Kiwis...I rarely think of those -- that's a surprisingly good price. Not nuts about summer squash, but do enjoy winter squashes. Still have some carrots growing in the back yard -- come to think of it, I need to pull those up and eat them before it's too late. And the backyard trees still have quite a few oranges, sweet as candy.

The boned, skinned legs and thighs I got a couple weeks ago at the Mexican market at $1.99 turned out to be a far better buy than the bony pieces from Safeway. Although the meat was redolent of le parfum du marche mexicain (don't know what it is, but Mexican ethnic stores here invariably develop a strong, somewhat musky odor, especially around the meat counters--maybe the odor of organ meats???), the pieces were all meat and there was a LOT of it. The stuff was more like boned quarters than just legs & thighs. I definitely will buy more of that.

The Mexicans also have better deals on produce, and their selection of peppers and tropical fruits is to die for.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Suzy=We make yogurt--Greek yog is just thicker, either dripped through cheesecloth or coffee filter or made with whole milk. If you make it a lot, you will probably find that you eat a lot, making it worth the work, (Esp since Mr FS does it).

@Funny--I'm going to post another shopping list for you when the new ad comes out. Of course, you don't need to follow it!