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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Can You Bargain on Furniture?

In spite of my frugal ways, I am not good at bargaining. I guess I have a fear of rejection! I've heard here and there that it is possible to bargain in furniture stores. As an early-bird planner, I am already thinking about the couch I will buy in a year or two. So far, I like one at Crate and Barrel. When we were in Boston, we walked right by a CandB. We went in and tried the sofa. We liked it. The nice sales guy (Kenny) said that, instead of buying on-line, I should give him a call. The shipping is shockingly expensive, so I'm hoping for a deal of some sort. So the question is: can you bargain at a store like Crate and Barrel? Yay or Nay?


Kare said...

Where is the nearest Crate and Barrell to your state? Houston I would explore other options on getting it home.

Northmoon said...

You can always ask! they may say no but they won't toss you out of the store for trying to get a deal. And you just might be surprised.

I tried asking nicely, "is there any way you could give a better price for cash?" Or "I love this but it's slightly over my budget - will it be on sale in the future?"

SewingLibrarian said...

Do you have a Crate & barrel catalog? I thought there was some kind of shipping deal if you live within so many miles of a store. Also, C&B has regular furniture sales. If you sign up for email, you will be notified regularly.
My dad's standard line was "Is this the best you can do on the price?" sometimes it worked, sometimes not.
Sorry for iPhone typos!

Frugal Scholar said...

@Kare--yeah, Houston. I think all are sent from the state of manufacture (NC), but in Houston the shipping is $200 less. Shipping is currently on sale to my area for 200 (instead of 289). That's for unlimited furniture, but I only want ONE THING.

@Northmoon--Thanks for the sentence. I will practice.

@SL--See above. I live too far! I have more typos than you do!