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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finance at Habitat and Leftovers and Uggs

Overheard at the Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store:

Well, not overheard, because the fellow was shouting for all to hear, "I went to college. I've been a junkman all my life. Now frugality is in style for rich people. Like those who were cheated by Bernard What's-His-Name."


As everyone knows, eating leftovers is a frugal habit. Many approach this prospect with dread. But my frugal son went into a kitchen frenzy over the last few days. He wanted to eat a few things before he went back to college. This is not because the food at college is bad; the cafeteria food is, as might be expected in this food-obsessed state, excellent.

Today Mr. Dr. Frugal and I dined on homemade chicken liver and mushroom pate on country bread (the latter made by Mr. Dr. Frugal himself); then we had the last of our first lasagne made with homemade pasta (it's as amazing as everyone says); then, since we were still a little hungry, we ate some of the kimchi mixed with rice as described in yesterday's post. Not the most coherent meal, but all parts were good.

My Uggs showed up today! Very nice, but Saks charged $15 for shipping. Of course, it was 78 degrees outside. I would gladly give up wearing my toasty boots in exchange for a warm winter with low heating bills. But a cold front may be coming....

Any favorite leftovers, dear readers?


The Fabric Bolt said...

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About the post - if you grew up with parents of the depression, you never lost the "frugality mentality." - at least that is what my husband and I have going for us.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Fabric: That is a great site! I had never heard of it. Thanks.

My father grew up during the Depression; my mother was a WWII refugee (though an upscale one). I am far more frugal than my parents and my brother is not frugal at all.