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Monday, January 19, 2009

My day off: writing projects

Since I have the day off, I will be finishing up a proposal for a conference next fall.

In the meantime, I left comments on a few blogs. To one outlining how to save money on disposable diapers (using coupons, unit pricing), I urged CLOTH! This saves money, the environment, not to mention your precious little one's bottom (nice cotton rather than crinkly plastic).

Trust me, folks, I am the world's least competent domestic person: I don't fold; I don't iron; I can't keep things neat; I wrinkle every piece of paper I touch, but I used cloth diapers--on two children at once!

Also, I got a message on paperbackswap. There is a new message board category on saving money. I mentioned that I spend $50.00/week for a family of 4 (less, now that kids eat elsewhere most of the year). HOW, I was asked. Well, this is a long process, but the first thing is to 1.) know the regular prices of whatever you buy and 2.) start squirreling away bits of money so that when tuna, say, or canned tomato puree goes on sale, you can stock up. Even a little starts making a difference and sooner than you would think. I have an earlier post on this.

So: work writing and frugality writing. A good morning so far and it's only 9:17.

Plus, I advocated for cloth diapers.

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Anonymous said...

In graduate school, when my teaching money did not come in over the summer--those cloth diapers savedd me $25. a month and that was 25 years ago. Amazing to think now that I lived on $6K a year!