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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January Sales: Uggs, Levenger, Talbots

Lest it seem that I only buy five for a dollar books or St John jackets for 3.50 at thrift stores, let me ‘fess up with the truth. I love to check out “real” stores, though I mainly do it on the internet. And, since as I explained in an earlier post, I am the child of black-belt sale shoppers, I really can’t buy anything at regular price.

I find that I haven’t really wanted anything this season, in spite of the fabulous and well-publicized pre-Christmas markdowns.

So even though I’m not buying the following, I thought I’d save you—dear readers—some legwork and alert you to 2 good sales—and one bad one.

UGGS—I mentioned that I wanted some Uggs earlier. My son is so scornful of this desire. Honestly, it’s because my feet always hurt. I had a pair of Uggs a few years ago. They were $14 at Marshalls. Right before I got there, someone bought 40 pairs to sell on ebay! Sadly, these were light blue. I couldn’t bring myself to wear them, so I sold my single pair.

This year, Uggs have been the one item that seemed immune from the rampant markdowns. Even now, the markdowns are not great. But every day or so a new style has been marked down on the sites of the upscale department stores—Neimans, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, and Saks. Even Bergdorfs (a store very intimidating to enter, but where I used to stop and use the ladies’ room en route to my orthodontist!). Sometimes there are only a few sizes left. Markdowns are only between 30-40%. The deals disappear in the blink of an eye, so I won’t link you. But do check them out.

Levenger—I love this upscale stationery and office stuff supplier, especially their Circa notebooks, but it really is ridiculously expensive. They have one great deal: a sampler Circa notebook for $40, which comes with a $40 gift card. I got this last year and eventually used the gift card to buy 4 circa notebooks with refills (compact size) that were marked down to $9.95. This deal is back and is even better if you can find one of the 20% off deals floating around on the net. These little notebooks make very snazzy graduation gifts. (Note: you can’t use the 20% off on the sampler kit, but can use it on the sale notebooks.)

Talbots—This company has snazzed up its style this year. It is also one of the companies in big trouble. Sales have been good. Before Christmas, Talbots had an additional 40% off sale items; the sale continued after Christmas. Great!!! Then I checked the site today to see if a certain jacket was still there …and guess what? The 40% off is OVER and the prices went up! What kind of thing is this???? So the question is: did I save $65 by NOT buying the jacket at its lowest point, or did I save $101 by not buying it today? I leave you with this Zen question.

UPDATE: Talbots sent me an email announcing 50% off sale IN STORE ONLY. So sale items are a bit less than they were before Christmas.


Funny about Money said...

I did really well at Talbot's this January. Hope they stay in business: they're the only retailer that sells pants that fit grown women.

If you go into Aaron Brothers or Michael's, you can find artist's sketchbooks that make GREAT notebooks. I like unlined paper for making notes, because I sometimes include diagrams or ad-hoc flow charts. Both stores occasionally have 50% off sales.

My son gave me a Moleskine notebook, which is small enough to fit in a purse. They make a pocket-sized notebook, too. Dunno how much they cost, it was more than $9.95.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Funny--I read your post on your new wardrobe. Very inspiring--esp the getting rid of part, which I need to do too.

I've always wanted a moleskine. According to my son, these are used by the bohemian types in college.

Thanks for all the comments!

OfficeSupplyGeek said...

You should look at the levenger store on eBay

You can find some really good deals on there. Also, if you go to you can usually find a working 20% off or free shipping code for levenger.

Frugal Scholar said...

@OfficeSupplyGeek: Thanks for the tips! I am trying to swear off Levenger for a while--I didn't even use the calendar I got last year. Being organized is still in my future, I'm afraid.