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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Frugal Consumption: Uggs, Sanitas, All-Clad, ASK

I have a host of posts in process, many in a philosophical vein. But I will delay these a bit owing to the flurry of interest in shoes on sale. The frugal moral of all these stories is ASK. Or OFFER.

So even though my Uggs (60% 0ff) order vanished as I entered my credit card info, I called Saks and ASKED why. The nice rep looked around and found me a pair in Boston, which is (I hope) en route.

When I read Funny About Money extolling the comfort of (gasp! full-price) Sanitas, I remembered a neat website with well-priced models and shared the information.

For some Louisiana lagniappe, I'll share a source for All-clad seconds: This kind of information used to be hard to access before the internet. Indeed, it took me ages to find my All-clad saute pan years ago. Over the years, I shared the info with many of my acquaintances; I figured I was amortizing my time investment by telling others.

And, as with all things, it all comes back. So Anabelle, for whom I used to lug huge bags of specialty flours from my local food coop, now gets me 50-lb sacks of King Arthur flour from the area wholesaler. When my frugal pal George buys reduced bacon at Winn-Dixie, he picks me up a few packages.

So, dear readers, what are you looking for? What sources do you have?


Funny about Money said...

Gadzooks! I've never seen so much All-Clad in my life!! Prices are bracing, even at those discounts.

How do you find a King Arthur's wholesaler, and how do you get them to sell to an individual?

Frugal Scholar said...

@Funny--That place has occasional sales, which brings the price down to about half. My pan was about $100 many years ago.

In addition to working as an instructor, my colleague runs a baking business and sells at the Baton Rouge Farmer's Market. So you need to find yourself a baker who will let you have a 50 lb sack. (She gets us really good yeast too).