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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Frugal Victory: Talbots at Marshalls

This afternoon, I accompanied Miss Em to the doctor so she could have an ear infection looked at. It turned out to be a frugal visit (tongue in cheek here) because, in addition to a killer ear infection, she had tonsillitus. Oh, and then she had two vaccination shots. Oh, and she had a wart burned off her hand. All for one copay. The doctor marveled at her stoicism.

Then, we went across the road to Target to have her prescription filled. While waiting the 20 minutes, we wandered into one of my least favorite stores, Marshalls. There we hit the motherlode of bargains: Talbots merch from last spring for about 80% off! We tried on a few things at ridiculously low prices. We even got on line with two items.

And then, Readers, we put it back. It wasn't the money. Our two items would have come to $24.00. BUT WE DIDN'T NEED IT.

Thank you, Duchesse, for your post this morning.

So, if you are a Talbots addict, you can go to Marshalls, if you dare. There was a ton of stuff. But Miss Em and I came home and drank some of the Mexican hot chocolate we bought (on sale!) at Target. And Miss Em is feeling much better, now that she's taking some medicine.

Any victories in the face of bargain-temptation to report?


Shelley said...

Now that is what I call frugal! I'm impressed, both with cramming all those health issues into one visit and with putting selected clothing items back on the rack. Well done!

Frugal Scholar said...

@Shelley--We didn't mean to cram all those doctor visits into one! We just went in for the ear infection (a chronic problem for my poor girl). But I am proud of our willpower in the store.

Mary said...

Good for you for putting back! At the same time, thanks for the tip about Talbots at Marshalls. I love Talbots. Next time I see a Marshalls I'll definitely be stopping in!

Funny about Money said...

Sorry the young person is ailing! Miserable to be sick when the weather's bad...almost as miserable as being sick when the weather's gorgeous. Hope the antibiotics fight it off.

Interesting about Marshall's. I haven't shopped there in years, & didn't know they market unsold merchandise from more upscale stores. Will take a closer look.

Duchesse said...

Well done, Frugal and Miss Em! You are a continual inspiration- and I wish Miss Em a rapid recovery.

Only been in one Marshalls's, killing time in FL. Quite dispiriting.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Mary==We didn't need anything, but we wanted to spread the news. It may be a one-time thing. The clothes were so cheap--from $8 for tees to $24 for tailored jackets.

@funny--If you like Talbots, you should check out your Marshalls. See above comment. PS Miss Em is MUCH better.

@Duchesse--Yes! A mutual inspiration society. Thanks.