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Saturday, January 9, 2010

How the Children of the Pathologically Frugal Dress Plus Lemon tree

Yesterday, Miss Em ruminated on her inability to buy an $80.00 sweater. We wonder whether children develop pathological frugality through nature or nurture. We wanted to show you that some carefully selected frugal choices can look quite snazzy. Frugal children need not look like paupers.

Miss Em sports a
1. Terracotta mohair sweater: This was a karmic discovery. Miss Em was already stressing about Anthropologie sweaters when we were in Florida. We accompanied shopaholic grandmother to her hair salon. While she was being beautified, we perused the goods in the thrift shop next door. There we found this hand knit beauty. The elderly volunteers at the shop surrounded Miss Em, with her bloom of youth. They reduced the price of the sweater to from $25.00 to $10.00 on the spot. These were the stylish elderly women of my childhood memories. They were so short! Miss Em towered over them as they brought her things to try on.
2. Lands End Shoes: Ballet flats for $20.00 with free shipping is pretty good.
3. Garnet Hill tights: From their recent sale ($9.00 reduced from $26.00) and now sold out. These are very nice, made in Italy. Miss Em got all three styles.

Frugal Son wears a
1. Leather jacket: As my readers know, Frugal Son has been studying in France. Of course, French students do not wear stretched out tee shirts as US students do. They wear leather jackets and collared shirts. A few weeks ago, Frugal Son mentioned that he wanted a leather jacket. I said that I had just bought one at Goodwill for his perusal for only $6.00! He likes it even though it's a little big.
2. Maroon cashmere sweater. This is either Pringle or Lyle and Scott. I pick up men's cashmere from these esteemed labels when I see them. Mr. FS has owned this for many years; it was borrowed by Frugal Son a few years ago. I don't think he plans to give it back. It was under $3.00.
3. Collared shirt: This is from the new Lands' End Canvas line. It was around $22.00 with free shipping. It has a narrow, Euro cut. Frugal Son is very happy with his new clothes.

In the background is our lemon tree. A few days ago, I mentioned that the tree has been garbed in a blanket in hopes of protecting it from the Arctic weather that is upon us. So this is from those happy, pre-freeze days, when lemon trees wore nothing at all.

And finally, Frugal Son's haircut is courtesy of his talented sister. Someone told him he looked like Lou Reed.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Does he sound like Lou Reed? There could be a career in that.

Duchesse said...

Terrific looking family, Frugal!

I can see why the ladies 'adopted' Miss Em! Does Frugal Son have earphones in his pocket or....? Mais oui, French men adore their blousons. And where is the scarf?

b-psil said...

Historical moment-- first ever response to a blog!

Happy New Year from the northwest branch. So good to see Frugal Son and Miss Em. L and C will be anxious to see their pics and learn a thing or two about shopping!

FB @ said...

Your children are pathologically STYLISH.

I'd wear Miss Em's entire outfit. Love the tights.

AS for the leather jacket, that is exactly why I am thinking I need to hunt one down (even if it takes 2 years) in a thrift shop on the cheap rather than blow $250 on a new one in the stores.

Your earlier comment on my blog about buying and using second-hand instead of buying new really struck a chord in me.

You're totally right. I need to make that my new "thing". To buy used...

Shelley said...

Your children look great. Youngsters who blow loads of money on the style of the very minute are at far more risk of looking silly, I think.

And the lemon tree is gorgeous. I can now see why you would cover and protect it from the cold. I'm envious.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Cubicle--I don't know! But I hope he's as cool as Lou Reed.

@Duchesse--I sent him to France with a scarf but he left it at someone's house after a crémaillère. Hoping he will find it.

@bp-sil--How brave! Come back! See you soon, I hope.

@FB--I should write about this...thrift shopping is very good where I live. That has not always been the case. So give it a try where you live, but don't be too hard on yourself if you can't find anything. Thanks for the compliment!

@Shelley--Still record-breaking low temps here. We hope it will survive.