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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Au revoir, mon fils and an idea for the recent graduate

Frugal Son is home for two more days and then off to his new job in France. Yes, job. Low-paying, but that's OK. In fact, I would love the job myself. He--along with a squadron of others--will be assisting in English language classes all over France. His pay: around 800 euros a month after taxes. HOWEVER, he will only work for 7 months, which include 8 weeks of vacation!

He just found out that he is one of the lucky ones who will receive free room and board right at the lycee where he will work. So--as he said--My salary just went up. His work week is 12 hours/week! Because of his free room and board, he will have plenty of money for travel.

What's the idea? Go abroad, graduate. Every American is in possession of something desired the world over: the English language. Many recent grads are heading to Korea, for instance, which is noted for its extremely high pay. Korea, in fact, has become the place of choice for grads with student debt: housing is provided, costs are low. You can pay off some--or all--of your debt in a few years and see Asia on the side.

Besides, it looks good on your resume. Living abroad gives you skills only talked about in today's popular major: international studies.

I have read so many sad articles about recent graduates un- and under-employed. No, I will not link to them.

Isn't Frugal Son lucky?


FB @ said...

Very lucky. The thing to remember is you are most likely able to get the job as an English teacher if you are stereotypically very WHITE.

If you are of any other race, a lot of Asian countries will not feel like you know English as well as a white person.

Sad, but true. I've had many friends who have been rejected because they weren't white.

Duchesse said...

Lucky, yes... but also talented and possessing the desired attributes. A number of agencies who hire English teachers, especially in Asia, do not provide very comfortable digs or pay much. There is a real difference from agency to agency so anyone interested ought to do his or her research.

Marcela said...

That's fantastic! Congratulations to Frugal Son on his new job!

Sandy L said...

Wow. I'm so happy for him. It will be a life changing experience.

My year in Europe that I had in college really shaped who I am today.

Frugal Scholar said...

@FB-My son looked at Facebooks pics of his group" females and those of Indian descent are overrepresented! Many of his friends going to Korea are of Korean descent...awful about your friends...

@Duchesse--Good point. You can apply directly through the Korean government. Other agencies are known for scamming.

@Marcela--I'm so happy for him!

@Sandy L--thanks! Where did you study?

Funny about Money said...

Easier said than done. My son tried to get a job teaching English in Japan right after graduating from The Colorado College. No dice.

Funny about Money said...

Well, lookie here... Blogger finally let me sign in to enter a comment! :-D

andddddd....what the heck? It posted the blurb I'd typed before signing in. Have I fallen through a secret entrance but not figured out where and what the entrance is? LOL!

Frugal Scholar said...

@Funny--Maybe things are different now. Every single person my son knows has been accepted--to France or Korea. Many students at my school go to France also. Maybe Japan is particularly difficult--or was then. These kids I know have no special qualifications other than a college degree.