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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Free Music and Free Enterprise

We were lucky to notice that--contrary to the info from my source--Museum Day for New Orleans was yesterday, September 24. When I figured this out, we jumped into the car and hightailed it to the New Orleans Museum of Art, where we saw an interesting show of religious figures from India.

That left today free for another free cultural opportunity: Musica di Camera, an early music group, will be performing for free at a nearby Abbey.

The Abbey is a beautiful place. The church has some incredible murals, painted in the 30s (I think) and recently restored. One of my friends worked there during the restoration and I got to meet the art restorers--an itinerant husband-wife duo.

You may have heard of this place: it has been much in the news because the Louisiana Funeral Directors sued the monastery: asserting that it was against state law to sell monk-made coffins. The monks are winning so far, but the case is destined--so it says in the news--for the Supreme Court.

Two cultural events in one weekend. What bliss. Did you have any wonderful experiences this weekend?


Funny about Money said...

Awesome! Both adventures sound grand; but Musica di Camera in an abbey must have been wondrous.

Imagine...funeral industry trying to shut down a handful of monks. What ARE they trying to say to us...?

Duchesse said...

What adventures! Is it against the law to make one's *own* coffin? (Wondering, as a friend did this b/f he died.)

The funeral industry should be ashamed of itself. Now that is is legal (at least in some states and places) to bury remains without any coffin at all, what is the issue?

Frugal Scholar said...

@Funny--It was ill-attended! Probably because of the Saints game...

@Duchesse-It seems to be a Louisiana law--created by and for the funeral industry.