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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Whole Foods $20 voucher for $10 via LivingSocial

You probably have seen this, but in case you haven't: you can get a $20 Whole Foods voucher for $10 through LivingSocial, which is one of those Groupon type outfits.

I find most of the offers unappealing: so far Mr FS and I have sprung for an art museum membership. Most others (for restaurants we aren't enticed by or for services--pedicures and the like--we don't want) we delete without reading. But we did get our voucher and hope Miss Em will take advantage also.

Here's the notice on a "Deals" site.


Duchesse said...

The $10 coupon bait scares me: what if I got to love Whole Foods? Just too expensive, though undeniably a beautiful store.

We try to buy what we can from local producers, there are still many small family operations nearby.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse--Believe me, if I lived in Montreal with its markets and ethnic shops, I wouldn't go to Whole Foods.