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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shoe Polish Question for Chanelistas, Frugalistas, and Fashionistas

Now and again I mention that I have a pair of Chanel loafers courtesy of Goodwill. They are the comfiest shoes I've ever put on--alas, since I doubt I will be buying a replacement.

Anyway, they are rather scuffed by now and two of my students--who were admiring the interlocked C's on the front--told me I should polish them. Naturally, polishing shoes is one of the skills I am lacking. I am sure I can figure it out.

Question: can I use any old shoe polish or is there a particular polish for super-expensive footwear?


déjà pseu said...

I usually just use good old Kiwi on all of my shoes. Use a soft cloth to apply a small amount, rub in, let dry 30 minutes. Then buff in brisk back and forth strokes with a shoe brush. Magic! (Can you tell polishing shoes is one of my favorite chores?)

Duchesse said...

I use Kiwi too. Rarely have the time to wait 30 min.; 3-5 min, seems to work.

If they have not been cared for in a long time, buy some Lexol Conditioner (sold at shoe repair places)- or other brand. It is lanolin based, and works like a moisturizer for leather. (Also great for your leather bags.)

Kiwi is wax-based so while it puts a nice shine on, it does not "feed" the leather. So it would be Lexol first, then wait a few hours and finish with Kiwi.

If you wear them in the rain, spray with a silicone spray (aka boot spray)- a light coat after the polish.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Pseu and Duchesse--Thanks to you both!

Vivienne said...

It's not the most frugal option, but you could also take them to a shoe repair shop to have them shined, and then ask them what to use in the future. I've found that having my shoes professionally shined every now and then (maybe ever 6 months?) seems to do them a world of good. And it certainly sets the standard for how good shoes should look when they've been shined - some of those guys are absolute magicians!

SewingLibrarian said...

If and when your shoes need a major overhaul, send them to Nu-Shoe in San Diego. They did a great job refurbishing my Ferragamo heeled loafers (now back in style!) NAYY. You can see their work on their website.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Vivienne--I think I'd have to go to New Orleans to find a shoe repair place. Isn't that sad?

@sewing--That place sounds great! I spent a lot of time perusing the website. I've always wanted a pair of ferragamos...