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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Frugal Stress Relief in the Faubourg Marigny

Grades are due tomorrow morning and my week of misery will--perforce--be over. Since some decisions are ALWAYS at the last minute, Mr. FS and I decided to play hooky and go to New Orleans. Our plan was to go to Whole Foods (which was having a "Taste of the Season" sampling) and then the Aquarium.

Well! the tasting was awful: many samplings of fingerling potatoes in various guises. Then we couldn't find decent parking for the Aquarium. Plus, it was a beautiful day. We decided to drive around the Faubourg Marigny, which I just read is one of the "most intact 19th century neighborhoods in the United States." No parking there either.

Then we saw a big SUV try and fail to get into what seemed to be the only parking space. Yay for the Honda Civic.

We walked for the duration of our parking: almost 2 hours. Honestly, we felt as revived as we do during our mammoth walk-fests in Europe. And we were revived physically, mentally, and aesthetically.

This site has some nice pics of the area.

Do you have any nearby spots that offer physical, mental, and aesthetic renewal?


Shelley said...

Isn't just walking around looking at things great? We're really lucky in that we are surrounded by a beach, a 17-acre park, a quaint village and a riverwalk, not to mention 1000 years of history.

I've only visited New Orleans once, back in 1980, but I remember it was fabulous. I keep wanting to take Bill there, but visiting family seems to take priority. We'll have to sneak over sometime...

I just took a 'walk' on Google maps in the Faubourg Marigny area, but where I was the most exciting house looked like it was undergoing renovation. I tried to take the tour that your link mention, but I don't think I understood it very well. What streets would you recommend?

Since I was 'in town' I checked out St. Charles Ave. I know that my Mom lived on St. Charles Ave back in 1942. I have her diary that tells about their move to NO. I think I remember her step-father paid £5000 for their house! I'll have to look up the specific address some time. I enjoyed the stroll down St. Charles anyhow!

Frugal Scholar said...

@Shelley--St Charles has many fancy houses! The Faubourg has been much gentrified over the years. Hence the renovation, probably.

Duchesse said...

Oh, lovely day! Sometimes the best times are improvised. Today was 5C (32F) in Montreal, and you could feel the sun's heat, which is extraordinary for Dec. 12.

Walked to the large local market to buy coffee beans and a chicken for dinner. When the sun is shining here (in Dec.), any walk has its charms.

Two hours' walk with a sympatico companion is such a joy and I am glad you took this respite from the grinding work.