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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Good Deal on Best and Most Frugal Skincare: Cerave

Cerave lotion is cheap to begin with, but this week (till Saturday) it is "Buy One Get One Half OFF" at Walgreens. That brings it to about $10 for a bottle. Check out Paula Begoun's glowing review.

Love this stuff! So does Miss Em! And I make Mr FS use it too.

If you get the regular lotion, remember to use sunscreen.


Blue Jeans Girl said...

Thanks, good to know, even though I'm not anywhere near a Walgreens, I will definately be checking out the Cerave product line.

Duchesse said...

Now, how exactly do you make him use it ;) ?

Revanche said...

If Mr. FS actually has to be made to use lotion and is anything like my relatives: chase him around with it and slap it on him. :)

Frugal Scholar said...

@BJG--It is wonderful!
@Duchesse--In the usual way...
@Revanche--After years of nagging, he does wear sunscreen...usually.