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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Instead of Hermes, try...leather bracelet

Ever since I became enamored of my thrifted Hermes scarf, I have wanted another. This has led to some time spent on the Hermes site, looking at their wares. The prices are truly eye-popping, like the coloring book for $130.

Strangely, the silk scarves at around $400 don't seem so overpriced, given the complexity of the patterns and the labor involved. They are printed by hand, as opposed to photographic printing.

I have also learned that there are addicts for many Hermes products, including their leather bracelets. The most famous bracelet of all was copied by Target last year, which led to howls of shock and despair all over that corner of the web.

How about a leather bracelet that's not a copy, but is just itself. Check this out!


Duchesse said...

I live in a city where Hermes has two sales a year (clothing and a few decorative objects), that helps. Or shop for gently used.

re that bracelet: Hermes jewelry is expensive, but there are many other fine craftspersons making things that are affordable, handmade and of genuine materials. Fake gold always looks like what it is.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

What a fabulous thrift find...
Hermes does know how to produce lovely scarves and the artists who design them have such a flair. It makes it difficult to resist buying another!

There is not an Hermes shop in town so I need to travel to shop in one, which I do love to do, and I enjoy the wrapping, ribbons, boxes and the thrill of a new scarf!

Finding a thrifted one would be the score of a lifetime!