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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

If you want to know what frugal sounds like...

Here is a true slice-of-life from the frugal household. It is recorded for posterity in our gmail chat account.

After chatting with Miss Em for a bit, I let Mr FS get on, for HIS turn with our beloved daughter. When he got on, he announced his arrival (and my departure) with this:

MM (c'est moi) is going to CVS now to buy toilet paper so you can go to Europe.

As if that's not sufficiently ludicrous, Miss Em replied:

Yes! I understand! Thank you.

That's what frugality is all about: little choices so you can do what you want. Don't mock us toooooo much.

Here is a visual representation of what I mean:


over many days can equal THIS,


and THIS!

Can you believe it?


Vivienne said...

You're absolutely right! I've tried for years to convince people that giving up a purchased lunch five days a week will buy them a few days in Paris each year, and my numeric proof falls on deaf ears...

Shelley said...

Nobody's laughing over here. We make some ludicrous economies in the name of the frugal game. This gives us a pot of money to spend on travel. It's just a matter of priorities, I think.

Duchesse said...

The sound you hear is not laughter, it's applause. There is a difference between frugality and miserliness, as you have illlustrated with these beuatiful photos.

Frugal Scholar said...

@V,S,D--We all know this! But how do we tell the people who DON'T know this?