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Monday, December 12, 2011

I Swore I Wouldn't Do This: More Bargains from LL Bean and J Jill

I really don't think I'm going to succumb, but there are some good deals out there IF you need the stuff--or if one of your intended recipients does.

LL Bean has 30% off all backpacks--today only. I bought a travel pack for Miss Em last year. For a while, she pined for a leather backpack; she seems to have gotten over it.

J Jill, from which company I have bought exactly one item, has 25% off everything and free shipping.

By the way, I turned in all my grades. After having absorbed the stress of my 100plus students over the last few weeks, I need a rest. How about a book? I'm reading The Magic Mountain, which I abandoned halfway though over 30 years ago.


Duchesse said...

25%, meh. (And does that not tell you a lot about retail?) Land's End and Talbots were giving 40% plus free shipping last week on current season. I got *two* pairs of jeans for $38- usual price about $180.

My inbox is stuffed with offers and have not seen such discounting since early 2009, when merchants were stuck with inventory b/c market dip.

A backpack you can throw in the wash is a good thing.

Shelley said...

Nothing like a good book to help you unwind.

Frugal Scholar said...

@duchesse--haha--but they do have some decent eileen fisher-esque styles in their sale section. I noticed the good offers too. I think costs to retailers are very low; I also wonder if a) they're going to get rid of everything BEFORE post-holiday sales or if b) they're going to keep making the items because they make a prifit even at 70% off.

@Shelley--true--but this is my very old copy and the print is tiny and faded. So a bit of stress is involved.