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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another Standard Gift: Recommended by Experts

While the standard gift may be scoffed at by people for whom gift giving is a pleasure, for those of us who--to be plain--suck at gifts, a list of good ones would come as a relief.

I just remembered a standard gift suggested by two eminent tastemakers: Chuck Williams of Williams-Sonoma fame and Ina Garten of Barefoot Contessa fame. As it happens, they recommended the same gift. I read interviews with these luminaries. Each featured the same question: What do you recommend for a wedding gift. Each said they gave a set of French glass bowls to all newlyweds. I checked Williams-Sonoma and they now carry an American version of the iconic bowls.

However, you can still find the French version, which, of course, is oozing with je ne sais quoi.

Here is another standard gift I would love to receive. Since I--and presumably most others--did not receive a set at my wedding, I would be happy to get these for holiday or birthday.

Would you? Keep gift suggestions coming, please.


see you there! said...

William Sononma carries a cookbook called "Bride and Groom Cookbook". About $35. That's been my go to wedding present recently for weddings. They wrap it really nice and ship it for you too.


Susan said...

The glass bowls are nice, but I LOVE high quality stainless steel bowls. If money were no object, I would want to receive stainless steel bowls by Rosle. And, if the bowl have covers/lids, that would be even better.

For me, the glass bowls are too delicate, and thus, not that easy to use.

Susan said...
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Duchesse said...

I have had a set of Duralex bowls for over 35 years. That is NOT a typo, and we're a hard-cooking family. I've had Duralex glass plates for as long, started with 18, down to 6.

For wedding gifts,most couples I know are registered somewhere so I just get them something from their list.

Jane said...

Yes - I love bowls and crockery - that looks like a quality set. I had a gorgeous set of expensive ceramic bowls and now only have the largest one left. Hmmmm, perhaps I should be thinking about stainless steel bowls instead:)

Frugal Scholar said...

@Darla--That's a great idea! I'm going to compile a list--if I remember.

@Susan--Another good idea. I've been cooking for years and I've always wanted stainless mixing bowls. The glass bowls are tempered--very hard to break.

@Duchesse--I have duralex glasses--and would never have any others. They are survivors. Maybe your sons will replace your plates.

@Jane--Tempered glass is a wondrous thing.

Meredith said...

I love this concept! We have to give a lot of wedding gifts to young faculty members, so when I found a beautiful cut crystal bowl 75% off on, I ordered several (value $60).

Although it is not as personal as something from each registry, I know it's a tried and true piece for anyone who entertains. I have one nearly identical that is the perfect size for fruit salads and everything looks beautiful inside it.

(And now I don't worry when I see another invitation in the mail!)

Susan said...

I totally understand that glass bowls can be tempered and are fairly sturdy. At the same time, they seem delicate and I've used them and felt uncomfortable. That's why I always reach for my stainless steel mixing bowls. I also have some that are melamine, but always prefer the stainless.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Meredith--Great find. I love having great gifts stashed away.

@Susan--I have melamine. You're making me pine for stainless; those Rosles are so expensive. I've always wanted one of their hanging racks (with utensils, of course).