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Friday, November 26, 2010

My Black far

I've never shopped on Black Friday. No, I take it back. We had a family tradition (now outgrown) of heading to New Orleans on Black Friday. We'd whiz past Lakeside Mall, which had nary a parking space to be seen, and headed to the Audubon Zoo, where we had a membership. The parking lot was always empty!

Then we would head to Bloomingdeals, the thrift store of the New Orleans Junior League, which had its annual toy sale.

This morning, though, I shopped. I had a few things on my NEEDS list and I decided to tune out the ads and look today. So now I have a new washing machine to replace the 20 year old one, whose top hinges have rusted off. AND a new microwave, to replace the one that is taking longer and longer to heat up my coffee.

I decided to be a satisficer and not go crazy with my usual indecision. Both items came to around $300 (yes, I bought a cheeeeep washer) and have free shipping.

Some emails I've gotten, if you feel like less utilitarian shopping.

Garnet Hill, the catalog I dream over, is having 40% off sale items AND free shipping!

LL Bean has free shipping, a $10 gift card if you spend $50 AND 10% off everything. That last is applied automatically.

Cuddledown, whose comforters I swoon over, has 25% off everything, today only. I also swoon over their $3000.00 beds, but such will not happen today...or probably ever.

I do need some milk, so I may head out to a brick-and-mortar grocery later. Groceries are quite forlorn and desolate the day after Thanksgiving.

Hope everyone is having a cozy day.


hostess of the humble bungalow said...

We do not have Black Friday in Canada...but we do have Boxing Day after Xmas.

Hope that you have a great weekend...and if you do us what bargains that you got :)

Jane said...

Well actually, some Canadian stores, like Giant Tiger, are having some deals in order to compete with the U.S. It seems to be working as I heard there was NO lineup at the Canadian/U.S. border this morning. I just hope it doesn't get as crazy here with thousands of people lining up to get into stores.

Funny about Money said...

Wow! Good coups!

I need a dryer, myself. Hm. But do I really need it?

What I do need is to make a Costco run. The closest store is in the same shopping center as a Walmart...and I know I don't want to brave those crowds! Guess I'll have to drive up in the other direction to an outlet that resides in its own parking lot.

metscan said...

Today I heard from our national radio about Black Friday. So it is THE day, when everything is reduced. The first stores opened right after midnight and there were crowds of people shopping like it was the last day. The store keepers were optimistic. Wow.
Anyways, you really did get your articles at a cheap price!

Frugal Scholar said...

@hostess--Bought my two utilitarian items ONLINE! Too scary to go into stores.

@Jane--One of my daughter's friends "camped" on a long line outsdie a store--but i think she thought it was "fun." That's crazy too.

@Funny-I broke w/ tradition and only got a washer--probably the cheapest one made. My old dryer will have to do. Costco sounds scary to me the day after Thanksgiving.

@metscan--=Don't worry. I didn't venture into the madness. Bought both items online and they will be delivered. Both were needed items too.

Duchesse said...

Hostess is correct; however the US big chains with outlets in Canada (GAP, Pottery Barn) leap on the bandwagon so we have "pre-Boxing Day' or "holiday Season" sales right now.

And I notice a lot of chains discounting in a bid for the still-limited holiday gift dollar.