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Monday, November 15, 2010

Yet Another Gift Suggestion: Music with Reekarules

I herewith present some shameless commerce on behalf of someone else: Ulrike Masakowski. Ulrike--aka Reeka--is a local pianist of some repute and part of a well-known New Orleans musical family, perhaps on its way to becoming a dynasty.

I met her for the second time last night at one of the musical events I am lucky enough to be invited to. The music was great! It left me reeling, and I think everyone else in attendance felt the same. The performers were Leah Chase (vocals); Don Vappie (bass); and Steve Masakowski (guitar). Thanks to Mark Goldstein for putting us on "the list" of invitees.

Anyway, I was happy to see Ulrike again. The reason is that I make her happy: I look a lot like a friend of hers--Harriet--who died some years ago.

She showed me two book/cd sets she put together to help children and adults learn piano. They look great. And, at under $20.00 each, they qualify as a frugal gift.

This is from her website: Music is a gift that should not be exclusive to a small fortunate number of people but to anyone who feels drawn to it. It is my privilege to help you find your way into this world of music.

Check out Reekarules.

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