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Saturday, November 6, 2010


My posting has been sparse, I must admit. I've been a little sick; semester has reached a stressful point; and today my dear daughter is visiting with a friend.

So, check out said daughter's frugal Frida Kahlo Halloween costume.

And for you fashionistas out there. I accompanied daughter and friend to United Apparel Liquidators, aka the best store in the whole world. There, I saw a new shipment of ELM DESIGN for between $40 and $120. I also saw some Dries van Noten ballet flats. My daughter bought a pair of pants for $8.00.

Then we hit Goodwill. I was not looking very seriously, but nonetheless came upon a Gerard Darel linen jacket. How the heck do these things show up in my sleepy town? Daughter didn't buy the jacket, but did buy a Gary Graham blouse. It was a sample, dated 2006, made of lace and silk. Totally gorgeous. We had never heard of the brand, but sprung for it ($3.00 with my discount). Once again: how the heck do these obscure brands end up in Goodwill?

I dropped daughter and friend off at tiny local restaurant, with some cash to treat themselves to lunch. I came home for my own lunch.

How wonderful these visits are! And blogfriends: you are invited for a day of shopping and a little lunch. Come on down.


hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I often wonder how haute couture ends up in thrift shops...I once held a Chanel sweater in hand...size 0...and if I had being truly alert and not shocked and dazed I would have bought it...even though I could never have worn it...I could at least look longing at was pink with black trim and the CC logo buttons...
sounds like you found a gem...and fun to have your daughter about!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I'd like to go shopping with you.

metscan said...

Elm Design, did you see them/like them? Since the prices at both places were so low, how do these places get their rents and salaries paid, or is the staff doing voluntary work?

Duchesse said...

In rich countries, all it takes is someone who wants an item out of their closet for it to end up in Goodwill. People do not have time (or are not interested) to list on eBay or deal with consignment stores. Out!

I know someone who gives her "old" Chanel etc. to the housekeeper, another who sends Ferragamo shoes to distant relatives in Poland.

Wonderful shopping; as usual your karma is overflowing.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Hostess--It WAS fun! I've seen only one Chanel item in all my years of scrounging about.

@Terri--It would be fun! My last thrift store buddy moved away a few years ago and I haven't found a replacement for her.

@metscan--UAL gets samples and leftovers--only a few styles and a few pieces. It is very hit or miss. I didn't try anything on since I was focusing on my daughter, but will see if anything is left next time.

@Duchesse--Yeah, I wish I had karma for other areas. Tell your friend I would love some ferragamo ballet flats--size 6 1/2 or 7!