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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ready for Gift Giving? Young Male Edition

Well, I lucked out. I am bad at gifts to begin with, plus my kids say "Nothing" when I ask. (Funny, that's what I say in all sincerity.)

Frugal Son has a triple-whammy coming up: holiday, birthday, graduation. He mentioned that his friend Michael is spending next semester in Argentina and that he would like to visit during Spring Break. I said, "How about a plane ticket as our gift to you?" This elicited a smiley emoticon: SUCCESS!

If a ticket to Argentina is not on the radar screen for the guy in your life, how about my standard suggestion for any occasion, including graduation: the LAMY SAFARI pen. I have recommended this before, and will continue to do so. You can't go wrong with this one, whether for stocking stuffer or what you will.

My son picked yellow, but the other colors--including clear--are nice too.
Any other ideas, dear readers?


Duchesse said...

Graduation, birthday: Experiences, and the cheques that enable them- seem to be perfect for this age. Occasionally you find a young man who is pining for a Jonathan Adler vase, but... not many.

For Christmas, My 23 year old sons ask for apparel (clothes, boots) b/c they like my choices and it's an expense they would rather not incur, and thank god they still like a good book.

Argentina, exciting! Maybe a boxed set of tango music :)

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metscan said...

Gifts. I enjoy giving gifts to my loved ones. Also people who have become important to me during the past year, will be remembered. My only problem is, that I find it extremely difficult to wait for the exact date to give the gift. I want to give the gift as soon as I have it, in advance. Once again, this relates back to my childhood. It was SO hard to wait and wait and then deal with the fact, that the something I had wished for, was not coming. My mother was against wish-lists; she got furious, if I even tried to hint about something. In her opinion my children got spoiled by too many gifts. Luckily that period is now past history, but it has had an influence on me.

Shelley said...

The only young men on my list are Bill's son and son-in-law. As with the young women, I aim to give them one handmade thing, one cooked thing and one purchased thing. Spice cake or cookies goes over well. If I find a small gadget - ie a wind-up torch (flashlight) was well received - they all (plus older gents in the US) get that. Otherwise, running kit for Martin and a bottle of wine for Simon. I don't agonise over gifts - it's fun to open a surprise and the best thing about Christmas in this house is the family and food.

nives56 said...


I used this pe idea as a graduation gift, and it was a BIG hit! Thanks so much for the heads up.

FB @ said...

That pen looks great. If only I liked to write :)

(Yes I like boy's gifts!)

Frugal Scholar said...

@metscan--I'm the same way. I can't wait to give the gifts.

@Duchesse--My son wants a Noguchi coffee table, strangely enough. Not till he's settled though. Yeah-I might get him some clothes too, but he has to pick them out.

@Shelley--Love your low-key approach. I'm low-key too, but sometimes feel guilty about it.

@nives56--It IS great! Glad it worked for you.

@FB--You could just gaze at your pen (?)