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Friday, November 12, 2010

A Gai Shan Life: Wonderful Blog

I wish I knew what "A Gai Shan Life" means. Does everyone know but me?

Whatever. This is a great blog. Like Funny About Money (probably found this blog through her blog, back in the day), Revanche has many interesting things to say about money, frugality, and stress. She went through a period of unemployment (now over) without stressing too much, owing in part to her frugal ways.

That alone would make her a great role model (even though she's probably half my age). BUT she also is responsible for the (financial and other) care of her parents. She has already had more challenges than I have and she is meeting them with flair and aplomb.

She does get to have some fun too. She loves food, travel, and fashion.

What can I say? She is sooooo admirable. I loved reading about her trip to Chicago: this included budgeting and all that jazz, but some great food pics from this city of great restaurants.

Read around her blog: you will find something wonderful.


FB @ said...

Revanche is a doll. :)

I didn't know what A Gai Shan life meant either but I THINK she said it meant a life worth living or something profound.

Gayle Ann Berg said...

Thanks for the great blog recommendations! It is helpful to know of others like us...

Frugal Scholar said...

@FB--Thanks for the definition.

@Gayle Ann--So true. I only have one frugal friend here.

Revanche said...

Wow, thanks for the kind mention! (I've been away and just back to my computer now.)

Gai Shan is the Chinese version of the Japanese phrase that means a philosophy of continuous improvement. Thought I should name my blog after what I hoped to achieve each day. a little bit in all things. :)

Breaking Dawn said...
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