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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Decluttering and Moneymaking: Return Things to Lands' End

The next in my series on decluttering that brings in money! Not everything will be as exciting as St John. This one is more prosaic. And don't even talk about yard sales. If you are contemplating one, read Funny's heartrending tale.

Strictly speaking, returning unsatisfactory things to Lands' End is not a money maker; it is a get money back on unsatisfactory purchases. Why am I mentioning this? Everyone knows Lands' End is Guaranteed Period (trademark!), right? I know it, which is why I feel pretty confident shopping there: you can ship items back (for $$) or return to Sears.

Yet I know people don't do this. How? Because I see things with tags hanging at thrifts all the time. Evidently it is easier to drive to Goodwill with your cashmere sweater than to return it. Sometimes I see almost new things with broken zippers. Really, you should return things. As my late father--consumer extraordinaire--pointed out: "The guarantee is built into the purchase price."

I am writing about this to gird up my loins for my THIRD effort to return things to Lands' End. First try at Sears: the cashier wouldn't take back items WITH RECEIPT because I didn't have the little plastic bags items were shipped in.

I called LE. They said to try again. I did. Most things were taken back, but I did fail on one item. I called LE. I got a wonderful supervisor, with an upbeat attitude. I told her that we seldom drove by Sears. She said she would send me a prepaid return label--so I wouldn't have to pay the $6.95. GREAT! THANKS! Except that it was never sent.

I will call again this week.

Interestingly, Sears lost some business because of these issues. The first time, we tried to return coincided with our search for a new washing machine. We talked to a nice guy, picked one out, and then left without buying. WHY? Because 30 minutes trying to return LE items took it all out of us. We bought the washer online via Home Depot.

Second time. We needed a teeny computer. While I was trying to return, Mr. FS scoped one out. After 45 minutes, with eyerolling, sighing, and so on from the cashier, we left without buying. We eventually got it at Best Buy.

Wish me luck on my next effort at returning.


Anonymous said...

I think that answers your question about why there are Lands End things at Goodwill!

Good luck!

Pearl said...

I have actually had good luck returning things to Lands End where my parents live; locally I have not tried, but in part that's because the Sears/Lands End is way far off from where I live: never get there to buy, let alone return. But I have had the same experience--and positively--with Coldwater Creek and J.Jill, where I bought online and returned in-store--with no trouble

Frugal Scholar said...

@nm--Ha! True.

@Pearl--I do think this is a glitch, but it's so annoying.