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Monday, May 9, 2011

Graduation Gifts: A DO and a DON'T

Strange that I forgot all about this, since I myself have a graduate in my family. Since Frugal Son is planning a year in France, we don't want to weigh him down. He will be getting a fair amount of cash.

But what about the littler gifts for relatives or friends of family? I am a mediocre to bad gifter, so I stick to my ONE GOOD GIFT, the Lamy Safari fountain pen.

Oh, and my DON'T is also the same as last year. This Dr. Seuss tome is--trust me--already owned by your graduate. Graduates start getting copies of this book at Kindergarten graduation (a ridiculous concept, if you ask me). Then they get more at the various other graduations. I once had a student who received 18 copies at her high school graduation.

If you have to buy it, please don't inscribe it. Put in a separate card. That way, your graduate has the option of exchanging it for a book not already owned!

Any good gift ideas for the graduate?


Duchesse said...

!. A good quality, well-designed carry-on duffle or bag.

2. A silver wax-seal pendant from Pyrrha:

3. The new very tiny iPod Nano.

4. A Design Within Reach Betty Rug if he or she is setting up a first apartment.

5. A cool accessory for his or her car or bike, fe.g new tires, panniers, with needed repairs or tune up thrown in if you've the cash.

If I had a description of the person and a budget I could offer more ideas.

SewingLibrarian said...

My niece was thrilled to get pearl earrings to go with the pearl necklace her grandmother handed down to her. Of course, I checked with her mother to make sure she didn't already have a pair. And I was able to take advantage of a Mother's Day sale even though I was buying a graduation gift.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse--All good suggestions. in fact, I may get my daughter a panier--thanks for the idea.

@Sewing--Now that's a perfect gift.