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Friday, May 6, 2011

Tale of Two Twenties

I spent around $40.00 yesterday: $20.00 at Goodwill and $20.00 at LL Bean.

LL Bean: I bought Frugal Son a pair of shorts with a 20% off code. Frugal Son has a few pairs of bedraggled shorts, none of which are even worthy of donation. Shorts for men are almost impossible to find at thrifts. The shorts from LL are about the same price as at Target, so I saved some time and ordered on-line. Frugal Son hates to go shopping in stores. Free shipping.

Goodwill: As often happens after a major donation (I packed up a carload of items for tornado victims in Alabama, where Miss Em goes to school), I find a lot at the thrift store. Including things I might actually need!

--Curtains for my mudroom in the exact colors I wanted. Made by a drapery workroom, properly weighted.
--A merino wool undershirt from New Zealand.
--A large basket with a handle for my mudroom, which, with the curtains mentioned above, is starting to look quite snazzy.
--OK. Here I hang my head in shame. I bought 4 handbags. The best was Jano by Anjo Flint. Mine is black. It seems to be lambskin and has the same feel and smell as the $1500 Givenchy bag one of my students received as a group gift from her relatives. I also got a Biasia bag. The cheapie--so to speak--was this faux leather lace bag by Big Buddha. I am too embarrassed to continue! The last one and maybe the Big Buddha may get swapped at Buffalo Exchange.

Anyway, the Goodwill trip took under an hour, much of which was spent chatting with various employees and customers.

Thank heavens I don't find so much on every trip!

Have you found any wonderful things lately at your best haunts?


Duchesse said...

Frugal, maybe friends or "certain family members" would love a bag... don't beat yourself up about it till the bag dust settles.

Carolyn Cummings said...

I am just about to post about my recent finds that I am very excited about.

Shelley said...

We were in the neighbourhood and so took a stroll through Ikea. We found loads of things we thought were wonderful, but I took photos of them for further consideration. We made it out of there only £5 poorer!

Revanche said...

I must admit to a pang of avarice at your finds, our thrift stores and Goodwills just don't ever have any such gems!

elke said...

The prices at Value Village are slowly creeping up, but Friday I found a piece of deep turquoise silk crepe de chine, 4.7 metres of it for 9.99. Even if I use it for lining, that's a deal.

Suzy said...

LOL men's shorts are hard to find at thrifts because 99% probably do like your son - wear them til they fall apart!

I'm not into fashion and since I'm trying to pay off my car loan I'm trying to stay out of my usual haunts though I haven't found any really good thrift stores here - even salvation army and goodwill have started being in expensive buldings and charge more for their stuff - if any I go to one called pennywise where the proceeds go to a local women's shelter but not big finds really.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse-I am definitely not beating myself up. that's my problem, in fact.

@Carolyn-Thanks for the link. will return after I finish my grading/

@Shelley-I wish I had an Ikea. Love that place.

@Revanche--Oh, there are too many competitors in Northern CA. But you have so many other things: natural beauty, great produces, and so on. I would trade.

@elke-I used to get beautiful fabric for my mother in law. That's an incredible price you got for silk.