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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More Good Gifts for Graduates

Today's graduates are a curious mix: they love high tech (like Kindles), but they also love low tech. Hence yesterday's recommendation of the Lamy Safari fountain pen, which has been proved time and again a good gift.

Another low tech gift, which is good paired with the pen, is a notebook. Not just any notebook, of course, but one imbued with that je ne sais quoi of the iconic item. I speak, of course, of the moleskine.

I got a Paris moleskine for Frugal Son before his year abroad. He loved the map. These are available for many other cities.

Another very snazzy notebook, which also has the iconic je ne sais quoi, is the Rhodia.

Your graduate can--in fantasy or reality--sit in a cafe somewhere, recording wonderful thoughts.

Any other great notebooks out there?


Duchesse said...

Those are the two notebooks I always buy for myself, but I see them more as a "boy voyage" gift than a graduation gift, unless you add the pen. I'd also buy a new grad a good bed pillow. Theirs are usually quite grotty by graduation.

Young men can get short shrift on the aesthetic front. People think "tech", but what about art? We bought our son a small 19th century etching from a gallery he likes- he was thrilled.

Duchesse said...

Oops, that was "bon voyage" but I kind of like the typo :)

Another good gift for a traveling grad is an international cell phone.

Maribeth said...

Hi Frugal (and friends),
I have an intern (male) graduating and going on to do a post-bac program to get his pre-med requirements done. I thought he might like the Lamy ballpoint--do you recommend it or just the fountain pen?

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse--I do think of these as little token gifts.

@Maribeth--My son and his friends only wanted the fountain pens, so I don't know about the regular. Why not one of each? They are quite inexpensive.