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Friday, May 13, 2011

Upscale Decluttering and Other Forms of Procrastination

Naturally, since I am a wee bit behind on grading, I am coming up with various creative ways to procrastinate.

Channeling Diana Phipps's Affordable Splendor, I have figured out a relatively inexpensive way to enlarge my tiny--about 6 by 7--bathroom. And that's the larger of the two.

As my mind continues to race, seeking out ways to avoid facing the piles of papers, I decide to switch from ugly plastic hangers to those snazzy flocked ones.

While I'm doing that, I (re)discover several St John pieces that I picked up here and there.

St John, of course, makes the quintessential clothing of the genre rich lady. Needless to say, I have never ventured out in one of my pieces. Still, when I try them on, I stand up straight and get ready to be sworn in to the Senate.

From that article, I learned about Rodeo Drive Resale, an online consignment place that specializes in St John. Further procrastination involved photographing my six or so pieces. Soon, I will send pictures and await my yea or nay.

Finally, my last gasp at procrastination: writing this post for you.

I doubt that selling my St John would make much of a dent in my bathroom expansion. Still, it might make a dent in SOMETHING.

What are your favorite modes of procrastination?


SewingLibrarian said...

Reading! Reading books, reading magazines, reading blogs, reading cereal boxes.......

Anonymous said...

Web surfing, obviously.

But finally my grades are done and entered...

Shelley said...

Gosh, the list could be endless! Puttering around on the computer is my biggest time waster particularly when I should be going for a run or doing housework. When taxes are the unwanted task, housework actually looks good and I find myself un-cluttering and organising!

Duchesse said...

All for getting rid of the St John, it's not "you"... make money or even recoup the little you paid. Let someone have it who adores it- that would have been Mom if she were still here!

A small bath is a delight to redecorate as so little yields such pleasure.

I procrastinate by finding a different, and more "high priority" task :)

Katie said...

I read an article on why ranchers do controlled burning on their pastures this morning. Yeah, time to get back to my paper.

Funny about Money said...

Cruising the Internet. Reading lurid news stories from Google and local Play-Nooz outlets. Commenting on blog posts.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Sewing--Me too! Reading blog comments.

@N/M--I was going to make a snide comment, but I am done now too.

@Shelley--OOPS! I got a tax extension. MUST DO.

@Duchesse--You are right--IT IS NOT ME. My daughter said the same, but I haven't listened. Now I will. Thanks.

@Katie--Sounds great. I gotta read that article.

@Funny--Commenting on comments?