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Friday, April 26, 2013

A Gift from Me to Me: Plastic Storage Bins

I put the gift in the subject line, lest you read this post in search of nifty Mother's Day gifts. Yes: I am going to treat myself to plastic storage bins. Clear ones. The bliss of it.

For lo these many years, Mr FS and I have relied on cardboard boxes. Not only because we are TOOOOO frugal, but because we moved a lot in our earlier years together. So it's just a question of habit. A few days ago, I looked at the boxes anew, with their markings: fabric, pillows, whatever. My favorite are the markings of Mr FS, because he is a terrible speller. In our early days together, I was his spellcheck.

Cardboard boxes--ugh. Even after all these years on the job, I am still amazed to be middle-class. Those years of terror in graduate school really did me in, I'm afraid, permanently. But check these out: I am going to buy 6 or so.

Aren't they beautiful?

Do you have any real or metaphorical "cardboard boxes" in your life?

1 comment:

Shelley said...

Personally, I'd rather have smaller ones I could move more easily to get at the contents. I hear you when you talk about fear. It was a revelation to find that I spent a lot less (and wanted to spend less) as soon as I left work. Staying at home doing things or planning a day out around frugal activities is so much cheaper. I can't help but wonder though: if you still have things from when you were first married and your children are grown, are you certain you still need those things in storage? Just a thought...