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Friday, April 12, 2013

"You're a Minimalist": The Dangers of Thrift Shops

Last night, we had a free downtown concert: a pretty great group called Bonerama. I ran into an acquaintance who is a financial adviser. She was telling me about a client who is going to have to sell her house because of massive debt, result of student debt and the vagaries of shopaholism. Her profession: physician. (And she went to LSU med school, which is reasonably priced, so it's not all tuition-related debt.). I said: Oh, how I wish I could coach these people through frugality. To which: Oh, but you're a minimalist.

You've got to be kidding. I stopped by Goodwill yesterday for some stress relief from a difficult Wednesday at work. I came out with the following: a bulky knit men's cardi from Banana Republic (dated 2012 inside), a somewhat vintage-y camel cashmere men's cardi from N. Peal of Scotland, a vintage men's Pendleton wool shirt jac (love these!). These were all for Mr FS. For me, I found a FLAX linen set: beige loose pants and a matching top. Oops. Almost forgot: men's Eddie Bauer down vest. Total: $18.00.

And I left behind a bunch of other stuff. You can see the problem. Do that once a week and over 200 items enter my abode.

Maybe the good doctor mentioned above faces financial ruin because of shopaholism (btw, she is in her 30s and so has time to recover from her disease). I think I may have thrift shopaholism.


Jane W. said...

Eh. Could be worse. Sound like you have a kick-ass GW nearby.

SewingLibrarian said...

LOL, I must live in the wrong place. I never find anything like your bargains at the thrift stores here. Seriously, cashmere sweaters? Brands like Pendleton and N Peal? Never.

Sharon said...

I have major thrift envy too. Here in the Bay Area prices at thrifts are much higher (think a middling BR dress for $10-20) and Goodwill is one of the highest priced. However I still love thrifting and am able to have a lot more variety in my closet than if I was stuck with retail and Ross/TJMaxx type places. I like how the Gap-owned brands have the year/season on the tag. I wish all brands did that.

Kare said...

It my stress buster too! Today 3 small blue vases. A tin bucket, fun to use for ice. A large oval Pyrex dish. A willow arc, to be used for an upcoming wedding. Last week I donated over thirty items to Goodwill. I try to keep it going out too. Usually it is a good source for books. I will go back tomorrow as Friday is delivery day. Mty total was $16.00 dollars.

Shelley said...

I could never be a minimalist, not in this life. That said, I try to go into thrift shops looking for something specific, ie a pair of black trousers or a navy cardigan. Perhaps this is why I don't find the brands you do? I think more likely that there isn't the concentration of wealth near where I live...or Brits don't get rid of their clothes so quickly?