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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Real Estate Bubble Part 2: Seems to be a Bubble

Duchesse wisely counseled in a comment: go to open houses. That would be great. So far, though, the houses that look intriguing are UNDER CONTRACT within a few days. Seriously. What open houses? For those of you who've been through a housing bubble: is this what a bubble looks like?

I can feel the bubble metabolism: HURRY! HURRY! BEFORE IT'S TOOOOOO LATE.


Hadilly said...

As someone who bought last year in a very bubbly market, I agree with Duchesse, go to as many open houses as you can, even if they are not intriguing houses. That way you will get a sense of what you want/what things are worth.

We looked on and off for over a year, and then, when we saw our current place, made an offer and put together a contract the next day. It's good to know when to jump!

Get a good agent too after interviewing several. It's so important to have someone who scouts for you.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Hadilly--We took your (and Duchesse's) advice. Thank you!