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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Another New Orleans House

A week or so ago, I linked to two houses that were available. WERE is the operative word. Each had an offer--or several offers--within a day or so. They were beautifully done. There are many beautiful houses in New Orleans. The ones I most like--small, old, in nice areas--cost about $600,000. Oh well.

Since those first houses, we've looked at several others, all awful in one way or another. The market is so hot that people don't even make an effort to make the houses look nice in some cases. Like this one, which had an immediate offer and then was back on the market. We rushed to see it: the horror, the horror! Let's see: it has an asbestos roof, a squishy floor, a weird floor plan. The front is so cute!

Here's one on our radar.

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