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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Another Eileen Fisher Sale: Sorry!

I might have to change my blog name. Let's see: Someone Who Needs to Stop Obsessing About Everything and Buy More Things For Herself in Places other than Thrift Shops. That's it! Can I find a community in the blogosphere?

This morning, I bought two more Eileen Fisher tops. This is a test. I am afraid that it will be like falling off a cliff--like the blog tales of women who buy ONE Hermes bag and then accumulate another ten. That would be dangerous for me: I am but a teacher, with a teacher's salary. I still can't buy (or bring myself to buy) EF at retail. So I take an occasional spin through the Nordstrom site and the Eileen Fisher site.

Today, Eileen is having a 40% off sale on a few basic items. It goes through tomorrow night. I tried to order my tops and the site was having difficulties. I called up my frugal mojo and put in a call to Nordstrom, where the nice rep was happy to price match for me. We were commiserating about the high price of EF and how hard it is to find on sale. She said it flies out the door when on sale.


Duchesse said...

What a brilliant move, would never have thought to do that! Enjoy your new tops.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse--I really should do a post on that. I thought everyone knew...