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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Further Housing Bubble Notes: Open Houses

We went to two hastily-called Open Houses yesterday. Hastily-called because a house listed two days ago already had offers THE NEXT DAY. That was the little skinny shotgun house we liked. It looked just as nice in person. The neighborhood is--as they say--in transition.

Then, to make the unexpected drive right after work (car trunk loaded with papers to grade) worthwhile, we looked at another house, very very nicely renovated, also in an up-and-coming neighborhood. (See? I am learning the lingo). The house inside is nicer than in the pictures. Note the lovely garden behind. And see if you can figure out the layout. This was a classic New Orleans double shotgun that was made into a single. Our realtor thinks this will get competing offers and go higher than the asking price. Actually, he thinks the same of the first one.

I, of course, was totally enamored of both houses, even though they are very different. I think I have the thrift store buy-it-now mentality, which says, there's only ONE of this item! The broker told me to calm down (don't worry--it takes a lot to make the pathologically frugal sign on the dotted line. Not to mention Mr FS was there, smiling in an understanding way. When the broker tells you to calm down, you know you're getting a little crazy.)

Now we know--a teeny bit better--what is out there. You may ask: how can two English teachers think to help their in-transition son buy such $$$$$ houses? I ask too. I like numbers, but even I can hardly believe in this possibility. But the math works out. I will do some rough math tomorrow.


Liamsmom2 said...

Wow! Love that second house (red one). I usually do not go for bright colors in a house but those folks really know what they're doing (except for the purple bathroom).

Admire your frugal spirit. I am working on mine. Would love to help my kids buy a house when they get older!

Funny about Money said...

They're both very sweet. I like the second one a lot better, but gosh! $349,000?? What on earth do they think it's made of?

Frugal Scholar said...

@Funny--It is nicely done--by a Yale architect--diploma displayed prominently in entryway.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Laimsmom2--Thanks. Most people think we're crazy.