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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Declutter Progress

This is probably the first and last time I'm doing this, but....I packed away a bunch of Frugal Son's stuff. His apartment is tiny and has no storage space, so I don't mind doing this for a while. I now have a shelf on which to to "stage" things.

What I staged: stuff for Buffalo Exchange, stuff for fancy on-line consignment store, books for Amazon credit.

Buffalo Exchange: This is a bit of a game for Miss Em and me. She loves getting credit.
Rodeo Drive Resale: Where I send a few pieces of St John stuff I never got around to wearing.
Amazon: Hey, even $2-$3 adds up when you have a bunch!

I also donated three more bags to the Food Bank Thrift. According to Feng Shui--at least the popularized version whose popularity seems to have faded somewhat--getting rid of stuff will unleash energy through your home. I haven't felt it yet, so I suppose that means I need to get rid of MORE. Off to mail the boxes to Rodeo and to Amazon. Uh oh: I mail from Office Depot, which is right across the street from Goodwill. Wish me strength.

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Shelley said...

I hope one day to get back to listing a few pieces of jewelry on eBay, but otherwise I tend to take everything to thrift stores that accept everything - clothes, shoes, bric-a-brac. It gets very complicated to me otherwise and I lose the will to de-clutter when it gets complicated.