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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

French Cuisine: The Dark Side and a Glimpse of happiness

I've been practicing my French by reading the Monoprix site. Mr FS, with his already excellent French, is looking via googlemap at the streets of Nantes.

And what does he spy? Dominos Pizza. UGH. I won't eat that in the USA. Even worse is Pizza Hut, which turns out also to have an outpost in Nantes.

Onto Monoprix. Turns out you can purchase nuggets au poulet.

Of course, I can also get this, in quality far exceeding anything in my hometown groceries. And, I must admit that we are always happy to see McDo in Paris because you can run in and get a quick cup of very decent coffee.

I am such an English major! I recently re-read A Moveable Feast and numerous works by MFK Fisher.

Still lots of la belle France in France.


Duchesse said...

The butter and even more.. .the cheese! Indulge, you can restrict saturated fats once you get home.

There are also some pretty nasty French cheap food chains like Hippopotamus.

Shelley said...

We seem to eat a lot of bread and cheese in France. I love brie. And red wine. I could recommend a specific restaurant to you in Paris, but I know nothing about Nantes. McDonald's in Paris was a life saver for me my first trip. It was with my running club; we went to do the Paris to Versailles race, but stayed up til 3 am the night before and the night after doing loads of sight seeing. I needed to pee and they tried to convince me that in the wee hours of the morning in Paris, no one would care if I went between parked cars. I argued that I would care, I was American, not French. My friend promptly marched me to a McDonalds. It's my favourite thing about them, really, not that I'm averse to the food now and then.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse--Butter and cheese--that's the diet.

@Shelley-Love McD's bathrooms. I've learned to carry toilet paper with me. We've gotten good at finding public toilets, but most are w/out paper.