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Friday, June 24, 2011

Little Guy Fights Back!

Did you miss this uplifting story? A small investor fought back against the big hedge fund managers and may make a difference. If you link to the story, you can also link to a recording of his argument before the court. Believe it or not, I listened to it.

The whole 2008-09 financial debacle only reinforced my feelings that all is rigged in favor of a small group of rich, powerful, and connected. I am a good saver and all, and I engage in frugal practices, but ....trying so hard not to whine.

So hats off (my hat, anyway) to Mr. Thoma. He did a lot of work poring through company records.

1 comment:

Duchesse said...

Have you seen the doc "Inside Job"? It's always heartening when someone takes on a corrupt organization. There are some priceless moments captured forever, and the doc has reached a large audience- well worth your time. But warning you, academia do not come out looking any better than the hedge fund manager.