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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yet Another Organizing Tip: Sock Solution

I keep reading Susan Pinsky (both books) and her organizing tips really clear my head. I have many of the classic ADD characteristics. Luckily, ADD was unknown back in my early days or I would have been medicated right out of any creativity I had. An earlier lifesaver for me was Sidetracked Home Executives (the classic whose writers allowed the mega successful Flylady to use their method and terms)

I am so proud of the SOCK SOLUTION. That is because I did this myself BEFORE I read Pinsky. Not for me: I don't wear socks very often, but for Frugal Son. Even the most organized people lose socks: the SOLUTION is to buy zillions of identical socks in one or two colors.

I thought of this! Frugal Son has been in sock misery for years. For his birthday, I bought him 40 or so pairs of socks in his chosen color. These are junky socks from Big Lots, but that's OK: he's happy. After a year or so, I will get him a new batch.

It's not often that someone like me comes up with a solution worthy of a professional organizer. I am beaming with pride.

Do you have any little tips like that?


Vivienne said...

I keep a stack of safety pins beside my laundry basket (which is on a shelf, oddly enough) and I pin my socks together when I take them off. They live pinned together until I pull them out of the drawer to put on the next time. At least if I lose something, I lose them both!

Duchesse said...

We throw the pairs in one of those mesh laundry bags. I used your solution for my twenties sons, who don;t care about various colours but Le Duc has prized argyles etc. that have to match.

Always fun to see an idea you have practiced for years presented as the next great thing!

Thift stores are nirvana for ADD types as there's always new stock.

Suzy said...

my mom bought the same socks for years! my brother had all the dad had all the same of another brand but 2 colors since he wore darker ones to church..she and I usually had the same but they were easy to tell apart for the most part - I wore mine without shoes and they'd get a bit grungy while hers looked brand new so I got the grungies and she got the others unless we were both wearing new then it didn't matter! also towels were 2 colors - green for their bath and yellow for the other so no having to look and see which bath was short on towels.