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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Perfect Gift for Me: Potato Glove

My family knows that the way to my heart is to offer to peel potatoes for me. It is a hated task that I undertake only because I LOVE potatoes. Truly, I was born with a frugal palate.

Every now and again I read metscan, a blog by a Finnish aesthete who has a beautiful home and an exquisite wardrobe. Recently she featured something I might actually buy. It is a potato glove--rough textured for peeling potatoes. I like that it says POTATO on it, in tasteful black and white. No, I do not want the orange carrot glove.

I thought I might have to go to Finland to buy it (oh, that would be wonderful!), but you can buy it on Amazon.

Family??? Are you reading this? Honestly, I just want one to hang on the wall.


Duchesse said...

Maybe you will find one in GoodWill where perhaps other recipients have consigned it.

Shelley said...

I love peeling potatoes! I use the thin peeling tool - a sharp one with a plastic handle - not one of those all metal things. Look for one where the blades form a T shape with the handle; they are much easier to use. I first go from 'pole to pole' and back then three or so good scrapes on each side and I'm done. My question is, if the gloves work on a potato, why wouldn't the same ones work just as well on a carrot?

The Gold Digger said...

I don't peel potatoes. There. Problem solved. :)