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Monday, June 20, 2011

Help Miss Em choose her Dinner

We got a desperate email from Miss Em: HELP! PARADOX OF CHOICE! She was looking at the menu of a restaurant where she will be dining next week. In a comment, Duchesse said Miss Em should be sure to have some good meals: this suggests we need not worry on that score. (Formatting may be a problem: just click on the link above.)

Il menu

Spring 2011

Gli Antipasti

poached yolk, foie gras sauce, balsamic infused pear.

roasted sea scallops, belgian endive, raspberry dust.

burrata foam, Sicilian red shrimp “crudo”, beer jelly.

preparations and presantions of cod fish, lime, marjoram cream.

Primi Piatti

seaweed “ribollita”, when the “cavolo nero” season is over.

Wild asparagus risotto, “Viareggio” clams, herbed mascarpone.

ricotta and pecorino “nudo” ,pork jus reduction, herbs, orange zest.

potato gnocchi, tomato confit, smoked pork cheek, basil oil.

I Secondi Piatti

duo of veal cheeks, unique textures and flavors.

sardinian’s Tuna “Carloforte”, watermelon, pine nut oil “di San Rossore”, salad leaves.

Filet of Seabass, “acquapazza”, mortadella from Prato.

pigeon cooked three ways, tomato and ginger “mostarda”.

soft and crispy suckling pig, mushroom tartar “cotto”, garlic and lavander cream.

plus dessert

I hope Miss Em's fellow-diners are of the sort that likes to share a bit. You never know.

What would you choose?


SewingLibrarian said...

A rather avant-garde menu - no? I would choose the sea scallops, the risotto, and the veal cheeks. How often does one get a chance to eat veal cheeks?

Duchesse said...

I could close my eyes and point (which I have done in similar moments) but when else in life are you going to be offered pigeon cooked three ways?

Shelley said...

I'm always a bit wary of pretentious menus like this. I looked up some of this stuff on the internet. I would choose one of the first two starters. 'Crudo' means raw and I would consider raw shrimp a health risk. Cod with lime and marjoram cream might be very nice but how much preparation and presentation is required to cook fish?

Not being vegetarian I wouldn't really appreciate seaweed soup or black kale as a main course. I'm not a clam fan and having experienced pork cheek (it was a cube of soft, tasteless fat) I would avoid any cheek (it's used to make sausage and the French like it, so it's not a usual cut of meat). So, I guess that would leave me with two cheeses in pork juice.

Crispy pig makes my mouth water, so I'd likely go for that, though the pigeon sounds quite interesting. Italian dessert might end up being the best part of it all, or it might just be ice cream.

I'm guessing this is not a budget meal. I hope it turns out to be worth the money; no doubt it will be memorable in any case!

FB @ said...

One of each please.

I'd go for the cheeks, the seafood stuff and anything that says "cream" or "gnocchi" in it :P