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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Things I Completed, Some Involving Money Back

Before I left for Nantes--how I love deadlines--I completed three things that have given me back some cash.

--returned unsatisfactory items to LL Bean. Love their guarantee. Miss Em wanted a pricey backpack from the Signature line and found it uncomfortable (as did others in comments).

--returned unsatisfactory items to Lands End. This took several phone calls, but I finally worked things out. The CS reps must take nice lessons, because I was always smiling after the calls. I really should take nice lessons.

--Filed my taxes, which will result in a refund. Part 2: I owe state taxes as a result of the refund. Oh well.

While the tax refund is the big ticket item, the returns total around $200. Nothing to sneeze at.

Do you return unsatisfactory items or do you let them languish (as I did)?


Vivienne said...

I try to always return unsatisfactory items; as a former retail person, I figure that the vendor has a right to know when something that they're selling doesn't live up to it's advertising. They can't improve if they don't know they need to, and customers are their only source of feedback.

Duchesse said...

Given your estimable thrifting skills, maybe you will turn up the items for far less.

I always return anything unsatisfactory.

FWIW I find French 'friperies' (secondhand clothes) stores much less appealing than US ones. To generalize, clothes are worn longer and do not usually end up there in unworn shape.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a languisher here, unless I'm particularly stir crazy or there is something else I want to look at at the store (trading something I'm UNHAPPY about for something I am HAPPY about is a good thing!).

Shelley said...

UK stores don't have a very generous return policy - about 2 weeks is the max turnaround time; miss the deadline and you're stuck with your purchase. I bought a couple of jackets I was undecided about at a store I'd not visited before. I wanted Bill's opinion - he's good at that sort of thing. When I went back I found they did no returns, only exchange and of course you can never find the exact amount to trade. I go shopping so seldom I've about decided to drag Bill around with me when I do - he would do that for my birthday present or something.